filter purchase buyer beware



Even though we also offer some no-name brand alternatives for those who wish to save some money on filter expenses, we feel as authorized dealer of some of the top names in the filter industry, it is our duty to make consumers aware of the following facts:

* As a general rule; the more pleats your filter has, the longer it will last. There is more surface area to capture dust and pollutants. Original manufacturers' filters tend to have more pleats.

* Merv Rating facts:

* Merv 11 filters measuring the following sizes should have 24 pleats per filter. The manufacturer imports their fabric from Denmark and it is made to very high standard to ensure you get the Merv 11    rating in your furnace system. Some knock off manufacturers may achieve a Merv 11 rating, but this does not mean the filters were tested at the original manufacturer's suggested /required cfm levels.

* Pleat fabric differs as well. The best way to know the difference is to actually feel it. In most cases the original filters will have a much softer, smoother feel to it. It will also be less see through in the light.

* Please be aware of how often your filter should be changed. The less pleats, the more often you should change your filter. Once you notice dust accumulating more or notice a weak airflow, you should  change your filter.

* Not changing your filter often enough can have serious consequences on your furnace. Lack of sufficient airflow can strain your furnace motor and cause the blower to drag, overheating and will cause your heat exchanger to crack. A cracked heat exchanger is not only dangerous, but very costly too. A furnace that overworks trying to push air through a clogged filter, will have a signaficantly reduced lifetime.

* Please be aware that some companies advertise with photos of brand name products, when in fact you will receive a knock off instead.